The Best Way to Keep Diabetes Out Of Your Life

Having alleviated blood sugar levels? Fear of getting diabetes? Worried about consequences of diabetes? Don’t panic. Diabetes is a common problem and half of the world is suffering from this condition. It is the growing health problem, nationally and globally. According to the American Diabetes Association, 137 million people are suffering from this condition and out of the 86 million Americans are pre- diabetic.

Pre- diabetes is the condition in which person is having alleviated glucose levels. Having pre-diabetes means, you are 90 percent risk of developing diabetes in your near future life. So, there is the dearth need of some tips and tricks that can help one to avoid the chances of developing diabetes when he is suffering from pre-diabetes.

Unfortunately, our poor lifestyles have added this problem to the board and there are several evidences available showing that by reversing the lifestyle habits, one can prevent diabetes.

You must be wondering about what are the lifestyle changes which can help you to keep diabetes out of your life. Read on further to explore.

The Power of Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Diabetes:

Unfortunately, our poor lifestyle habits are the major factor that has increased the ratio of diabetes to exponential rate. The use of technology and modern living habits have made us ridden to a single place that eliminates the physical activity from our lives, thus causing lower sugar metabolism and higher sugar levels in our body. Further, junk is icing on the cake.

In order to reverse such lifestyle changes, there is the need of adequate physical activity and good food choices. These two lifestyle changes can help you to prevent diabetes in a very dramatic way. Let us discuss the role of both these two in preventing diabetes in detail.

1. Physical Activity:

It is a matter of fact, when you exercise, your cells present in the body needs glucose in order to fulfill their requirements to work properly. Because of this need of glucose, your bodily cells respond much quickly and sensitively to insulin, thus allowing it to metabolize sugars from the blood stream. Moreover, physical activity can also help you to manage your weight that is the one major risk factor of diabetes. So, adding activity that is physical in nature can dramatically increase your body’s insulin sensitivity. Further, there are several studies proving that a short bout of high intensity workout could reduce the blood glucose levels for up to 3 days.

Tip: You can add brisk walking session of 30 minutes to your routine to prevent the risk of diabetes.

2. Good Food Choices:

Needless to say, food choices influence your health a lot. So making good food choices is very important for you if you want to prevent diabetes. Eating too many crabs, fats, sugars and junk can increase your odds of developing diabetes, as these all increase the blood sugar levels to some extent. You need to focus on proteins, less fat, rich fiber and starchy foods to reduce the chances of diabetes.

Tip: add leafy green vegetables, lean meat and non- fat dairy products to your eating habits.