Health issues of low calorie diet

Many of us try to lose weight by any means possible without knowing the health problems underlying beneath them. One such diet is low calorie diet. In low calorie diet one tries to cut down calories intake by food as much as possible so that the calorie spent is more than the calorie intake, resulting in weight loss.

This is a serious issue amongst mostly teen agers and young adults who are very concerned about their body images but are unknown to the risk of low calorie diet. There has been many cases, where young models have died trying to follow low calorie diet to the extreme. In fashion industry, where looking as thin as possible is the trend- this is a serious issue. However, over past few years this has changed.

A low calorie diet can also be done in a healthy way, but it becomes unhealthy and hazardous to the health when one keeps on cutting down calories, and also starts to exclude the nutritional foods from their diet.

Depriving of nutrition can lead to:

  • Wastage of body muscles. This is caused because when the body cannot find a source of energy provided to it- it immediately turns to extra fast and eventually muscle breakdown to obtain the energy to perform its task.
  • Failure of organ functions. Since the body does not get the proper nutrition,lack of nutrition can cause serious damage to the body organs, such as wastage of heart muscles- leading to the heart becoming weaker and less able to perform its function, eventually leading to cardiovascular diseases.
  • Diarrhea issues and this issue can occur frequently.
  • Constant lethargy, since the body cannot get adequate amount of energy as it is deprived of necessary amount of calories needed.
  • Loss of memory and problems in giving attention. This is because the brain requires fats for it to function properly. There are good fats (saturated fats) which does not cause any harm to the body but rather improves the health.
  • Another health issue one can face is gall stone in the bladder. This commonly occurs when there is a very fast weight loss that happens to the body.

One can argue that leading weight loss can reduce many problems one may face such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol and also high blood pressure. No one can deny that fact since it is true but the purpose of this article is to show that how extreme low calorie diet can damage the health eventually leading to worse health condition. There are also other healthy approaches to weight loss that one can follow. This is one reason why one should always consult doctors or nutritionists before planning to take up any diet plans. To start a diet-there are lots of factors to be considered such as the BMI of the person, the gender of the person, age, they type of activity one does etc.