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 Following is an extract from one of these special issues on: ‘Do berries have anti-ageing elements?’

Research has proved that there are at least three types of berries, consumption of which may help you look younger. The cranberries for example are a rich source of Vitamin C which helps to build collagen that maintains the structural framework and elasticity in our skin preventing wrinkles and sagging. It contains adequate amount of manganese and the right types of polyphenols.  These are active anti-ageing elements. Eating a small bowl of cranberries every day will help you look younger and refreshed.  Secondly, it is good for heart being rich in phytonutrients. The latter prevents inflammation or plaque formation of the cardiovascular system. Blueberries are fit to be prescribed medicine for older adults. These berries have a wide range of anti-oxidants which is not found in any other food. They are good for heart, eyes, brain and nervous system. They are proved to have adequate impact on the wellness of the cognitive functions. Another type of berry in this list is the Wolf berry, popularly called goji berry. They are rich in anti-oxidants, fibre, Vitamin C and protein. They work wonders on almost all aspects of ageing like that of skin and eye sight. Journals have published research on the fact that eating raw goji berries every day can help prevent macular degeneration. Ageing cannot be prevented but the process can be slowed down.